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Benefit and values

Because we are people before workers

Hybrid or remote work

Pick the working arrangement that best fits your lifestyle. We are happy to welcome you to our offices or grant you access to every resource you need, wherever you are!

4-DAY Work Week

What will you do on Friday? Well, that’s up to you! We want you to enjoy your three days off and start a new week feeling happy and recharged.


No badges, no fixed schedules. We offer flexible working hours because your work-life balance matters to you as much as it matters to us.

Because we are people before workers

Design and innovation guide us every day. We develop and optimize our products and services for job seekers and recruiters’ ambitions. Our talented teams develop new products with a design thinking methodology and a research-first approach.

An employee coding  at the office

Additional benefit for you to enjoy and to let you know we care.

To celebrate your journey with Jobtome and thank you for your hard work. Because there is nothing better than offering you some perks to let you know that we see you as a person first and as a worker later.

An aiirplane flying in the sky
All-expense-paid trip to celebrate your 3 years in Jobtome

We are people before workers

We are people before workers

We are people before workers

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Growth path

The team grows with the growth of each team member.

We want to become a real learning organization that, more than just shipping code, understands how to deliver value.

To do so, we have created a growth path for the engineering team, a set of shared expectations that we use to detail the behaviors, skills, and impact we expect of engineers and data scientists at different levels of seniority.

This framework, not a checklist, helps us shift focus from quantitative to qualitative KPIs and ensure each team member is recognized for their unique skills and contributions.

Team testimonials

Word to our employers

“I could never imagine I’d learn so many things and meet a huge list of very professional, smart and nice people. I’m continuously learning from the projects I participate in and the colleagues I work with”.

Miguel Figuerola

Software engineer

"Working at Jobtome means being part of a company that values transparency and empowers its employees to make a real difference."

Leonardo Allegrini

Scrum Master

"In Jobtome I always feel connected with the latest tendencies. I’m grateful for the chance to do a job that’s meaningful and can make a change for someone who is in need."

Maria Girbea

Tech Recruiter


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