Our Values

Core values are the essence of the company’s identity, their principles, beliefs and work methods. They help support the vision of the company, shape its culture and guide towards the fulfillment of its mission.

That’s why we dedicated great effort and attention in identifying and understanding the right set of values for Jobtome, which are now used and embraced by all of us as our daily behavioural framework.

Make an impact

It does not simply mean to make a mark, but truly believe in change and proactively be the architect. It’s fundamental to be aligned with the company’s strategy, acting always with high focus and with clear knowledge of the goal you are committed to achieve.

Data are the most accurate and trustworthy elements that can guide our daily actions, being conscious that sustainable long-term growth and profitability are keys to our success.

Hack the status quo

We strive for acting in a revolutionary way and finding new ways to do ordinary things. It’s essential to us to never stop learning to reach ambitious goals. Mistakes play a huge part in the learning process, that’s why we think it’s better to make a mistake and learn from it than to stand still and lose an opportunity to start an exciting adventure.

We embrace this attitude, celebrate those who are responsible of their growth and lead the company to a disruptive future.

Be positive and spread energy

Get out of your comfort zone and accept changes and new approaches as great growth possibilities. A positive attitude around the office is the perfect outfit for every situation and can make you be seen as a colleague to look up to, from whom everybody can learn something that can enrich both their personal and working life.

We are not afraid of working hard and give the best of us, because we love what we do and put a lot of passion in our projects. As a reward, we love having fun together and celebrate our achievements.

Get out of the building

Nowadays, is more and more important to get in close contact with the market, considering it as the main reference point from which you can shape and optimize your strategy for the creation of long-lasting value.

Then, let’s connect with our customers, let’s find challenging benchmarks and collect precious insights to be used in our creation and development process, having always in mind our mission and the people we are doing it for.

Take care of each other

People are the beating heart of our company, that’s why the cultural fitting is so important for us. We’re not looking for ordinary colleagues, but for extremely talented and caring partners that can help us creating a stimulating, fun and dynamic environment.

We support and help each other, we share ideas and experiences to go further and faster. Respect is at the basis of what we do, not only towards people but also when it comes to all the resources that we manage on our day-by-day activities to better achieve our mission, in the most sustainable and responsible way.