A great place for great people

Our HQ represents our values and brand identity,
made of creativity and dynamism


You are going to take a tour of our headquarter in Switzerland. We are sure you will love our meeting rooms, our open spaces, our lounge and relax area!

Come on then!

Meeting Rooms

The names of our meeting rooms are inspired by landscapes, movies, characters or... status codes! (yes, we are a bit nerd).

Harry Potter

Kind of Hogwart's library, isn't it?

The Queen

Victorian style and elegant chairs make our meetings royal.

Swimming Room

A place in which ideas can weigh their anchors and start sailing around.

Come visit us

...and find out other amazing meeting rooms!

Open spaces

We work in bright and roomy open spaces.

However, if you need more privacy or concentration (or if you want to talk aloud to yourself) you can freely move wherever you want in the office.

You will find welcoming niches waiting for you!

Wow!! Count me in!

Relax area

Challenge yourself in fierce ping pong tournaments, furious foosball competitions and aggressive PS4 challenges.

Or else take a break on our sofas and swinging chairs, hugging a super fluffy giant teddybear.

I definitely want to meet those teddybears!


Hungry? Thirsty? Tired? Don’t be!
Come to our Lounge: you will find free snacks, drinks and coffees!

The Lounge is also the place where we all have lunch together: its long and wide tables are perfect for chatting and making friends during meals.

We gather together in the Lounge also to celebrate our successes and have fun together.

That's the lounge of my dreams!

You can find us here!

Jobtome International SA
Via Gaggiolo 46/A Stabio
+41 91 26111 00

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