A great place for great people

With its new HQs, Jobtome wants to spread its creativity and dynamism through brand new offices that authentically represent its values and brand identity.

Almost 2000 SQM between Italy and Switzerland.

Our offices are located on the top floor of a recently constructed building on the border between Italy and Switzerland.

Its concept is based on this main characteristic: borders that instead of acting as a dividing element, put together different nationalities, experiences, colours and inputs that happily coexist in a dynamic and never repetitive environment.

All our working areas are connected by bright and colourful corridors that give access to different departments characterized by specific themes, which become at the same time aggregation spaces where to brainstorm, chat and have fun.

The open-space concept enables people to work anywhere they feel like, without the obligation to be always sit at their own desk.

The working areas located at the west part of the offices represent real-life places, famous TV characters or even natural landscapes.

For examples, you can find a meeting room inspired by a swimming pool with even a trampoline, or a library-relax room where group meetings take place and where you can chill while reading a good book. Furniture is in total fit with the type of environment where it is located, such as a classic-round table with imperial chairs for The Queen meeting room, or wallpapers representing books for the Harry Potter room, which serves as a library as well. Nothing is left to chance.

The green carpet recalls the artificial grass in the lounge area, where you can have a walk in the woods, key element of the whole space, and where precious little open rooms turn into comfortable and more private areas that help focusing and bonding.